link zu fliegerkosmonauten
link to wiedersehen macht freude
link to es war einmal in sachsen
link to gruesse aus der lebensmitte
link to toujours l a mour
link to am ende der schienen
link to sei immer groesser als der augenblick
link to das gestohlene gesicht
link to cherie, mir ist schlecht


Work as Author, Director (excerpt)

2008 - 2009 Space Sailors
90. Min. Dokumentary
Production: Neue Mediopolis Filmproduktion GmbH in Coproduktion with WFOiPE (Poland)
2004 - 2005 Meet again makes happy
5 Part Documentary series ARTE
2003 Once upon a time in Saxonia

75 Min. Documentary Film MDR

2001 1+2 are sometimes 15
Video-Installation 8.Min Exibithion, Doubblebind
2000 Greetings from Mid-life
Video 60 Min.
1997 Habillage Masks
8 Min. Video ARTE
1996 Toujours L`amour
17 Min. Video ARTE
1994 Cosmos is a wild Dream
30 Min. Video, ARTE
1993 At the End of the Tracks
with Andreas Honegger 52 Min. 16mm Documentary
1992 Future Subjunkies
17 Min. ARTE
1989 The stolen face
Documentary 52 Min. Video
ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel
Egon Erwin Kisch Price Leipzig Doc Festival
1988 Be always greater than the moment
Video 28 Min.
Special Price Duisburg
1987 Identy Kid
Documentary by Ed Cantu
Co writing and Montage
Film award Reinland-Pfalz
1986 For Julis
Video 4 Min.
1985 Happines never comes alone
Script for Fiction Film with Ed Cantu
1985 As if...
Video-Treatment 8 Min.
1984 Cherie I feel sick
Video-Feature 52 Min. Kleines Fernsehspiel
Production Price Montbelliard
1983 Cherie
28 Min. Video Treatment with Gusztav Hamos
1982 Leila and the Lion
10 Min. Video with Mari Cantu
marian kiss